Top 5 Divas of today’s Music

Tina Turner, with a career that dates back to the 1950’s this Diva presents an alternative sound to the more popular Rhythm and Blues sound of the time and her music is still holding on strong to today. Tina started off as a featured singer and began to turn heads of fans across the globe as part of the Ike & Tina Turner Review. She soon established herself as an independent Diva by releasing 4 iconic 1970’s releases. In the 1980’s she continued to experience super stardom. Thanks to her amazing legs and killer dance moves, Tina quickly became known as a powerhouse performer. she earned the nickname of the Queen of Rock & Roll. Tina’s voice exudes a powerful strength that is often considered to be, unlike any other in the industry. This has permitted her to create a solo career across several music genres. Unlike her competitors in the industry, she has not relied purely on her appearance as she has on her pure and raw music talent. She produces a depth and control with her voice that is often unparalleled.

Celine Dion is another great example of a Diva whose music still demands attention in today’s playlists. As a French-Canadian she quickly earned fame in her native language, performing in Canada in the 1980’s. Her decision to begin performing in English, in the 1990’s took her career to an all time high. She has a technical mastery of her vocals and an innate ability to reach across several audiences. She emotes an intensity that has become influential to being a Diva. Her beautiful ballads and stunning vocals have delivered upon her so much popularity, that she is yet another of the top selling female artist, of all time.

Janis Joplin began her career in the band Big Brother & the Holding Company to hone her vocal skill set before becoming a solo artist.Her musics is still able to reach into today’s listeners with depth and perspective. She became known as the Queen of Psychedelic Soul and captivated audiences with her thrilling and often provocative performances. She earned rave reviews for her accomplishments as a singer and a performer. A queen Diva with a sometimes controversial music and astounding stage presence. Many claim she had a superstar stage presence with an uncanny vocal control, whose music often appealed to the social outcasts of her generation, for which many considered her to be the voice of. Deeply insightful lyrics, she bellowed out soul reaching and deeply passionate tracks.

Christina Aguilera was once a Mickey Mouseketeer who quickly became a teen pop idol, making sensational chart topping number one tracks across the globe. Many people find her music to be quite varied and thought provoking, even today. Launching her career with a stunning four octave vocal range. Many fans and critics alike, have gone so far as to consider her as the voice of her generation. She has deep soul musical roots but she can record as well as sing in many different musical styles. She can even hold her own when paired against many of histories greatest and current singing Divas. a progressive artist, she has made waves for her ability to entertain with her unbelievable singing skill set. Sometimes, capitalizing on sexuality, femininity and the contrast when paired.

Mariah Carey is considered one of the best music sellers of all time as well as one of the best singing artist of all time. She is thought to have taken the 1990’s by the reigns and cracked her musical whip. After she took the radio into her bed at the age of only 4 years old to sing along to the tunes, she has blossomed into one of the world’s most successful musical artist. She has often stunned musical fans with her ability to use her voice as an instrument. Whether a thoughtful ballad or perky pop song, this Diva has her soulful finger on the play button. Even though she suffers from dreadful bouts of stage fright, she has experienced surprising success. This song bird Diva has an impressive five octave vocal range ans often makes use of the whistle register as her own unique style. She is also known for being able to sing a single syllable while being able to move between multiple notes in sequence. She is a top level singer, but it is her creative vision that makes her a mythical figure to many. Her vocal superiority often leaves many of her fans speechless.

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